Tuesday, 27 July 2010

More Housekeeping

Yesterday my life got much better -- my closet arrived.

I was a bit anxious because I was very busy at work, but also the delivery was supposed to be made around 1pm, but there was no guarantee it would come on time.

In the process of assembling the closet
However, around 1:45pm I got a call saying they were coming in about 30 minutes. Hurray! The minutes were ticking down to when I could finally unpack after almost a month of living out of my suitcase.

Just a few minutes late the delivery guys came with giant cardboard boxes. They then proceeded to cut them open, revealing all the parts to the closet.

They probably installed closets for a living and were very methodical about everything; one guy got the outside frame ready, while the other prepared the drawers and later the doors.

In about 20 minutes the closet came together thanks to their drill guns that quickly screwed everything into place. It was quite amazing to watch them move so fast.

Despite being efficient, they were also careful about the quality of their work -- one guy kept swinging the doors open and shut to make sure they worked properly and were secure.

The other quickly cleaned up and threw out the cardboard boxes in the stairwell. With that, they were gone.

The closet fits perfectly next to my fridge
Last night after work I spent a few hours unpacking. While the closet doesn't have as many compartments as I'd like, I'll have to remedy the situation with more boxes or mini drawers to organize things better.

Nevertheless it was a relief to finally settle in, and call this my new home.

The bed frame will be coming on Thursday afternoon and then the table... almost set.


  1. It looks very nice. Good work. CSxo

  2. nice workers , they are to be commended , good professionalism.