Friday, 23 July 2010

Settling In

Today is moving day.

I arrived at the apartment just before 10am because that's the earliest when the mattress would come. And with the other things I had to wait for (fridge and the gas man), I quickly went to the nearby Park 'n Shop to grab some water, apples, yogurt and dish-washing soap before the deliveries arrived.

While waiting for them, I started unpacking a bit, taking out my new cutlery set, a pair of cups my cousin donated to me, along with returning two plates and a slow cooker I had give her nine years ago.

Then I attempted setting up the broadband. I went through the directions, step by step. And aside from not realizing that I had to press the "power" button to get the four lights on on the modem, it wasn't difficult at all. Presto! I was all wired up and ready to go.

Before 11am I got my mattress, a guy hollering in the hallway there was a mattress so I quickly opened the door. He just laid it against the wall in the bedroom saying he had to go and that was that. The mattress fit into my small space perfectly and came complete with a mattress cover and two weirdly-shaped pillows that are apparently memory foam pillows.

Then I got a call from the gas man who politely asked if it was convenient to come up as he was two hours early. He fiddled around with the gas meter and did something under the stove to hook it up. And just like that, I am ready to fire up the kitchen. At the time I was trying to put together my Ikea lamp and couldn't loosen the screw and asked him to do that for me as he had many tools with him. I got the lamp together soon after that.

The fridge guys said they would come between 1-1:30pm and they were a few minutes late, which is already considered pretty good. It now sits next to my mini kitchen shiny and new. I am quite sure there is enough room for the closet that will go next to it...

My uncle also swung by with two boxes I had mailed to him from Beijing several weeks ago. Now I'm pretty much set.

While waiting for the fridge and my uncle I lay down on the mattress, and had a nice nap. 

Next up -- picking up curtains I had made in Central, but first some food...

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