Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Typhoon Talk

The buzz in town these few days is the possibility of typhoon Conson landing in Hong Kong this weekend.

As the first typhoon of the year, it already hit the Philippines yesterday, killing at least 26 people and 38 are missing.

More than half of the main northern island of Luzon, which includes Manila, was without electricity. Schools and many government offices were closed, and dozens of flights cancelled.

After it landed, Conson has been downgraded to a severe tropical storm heading our way. It could either continue to weaken or gather strength, depending on the meteorological situation in the next hours and days.

The weather seems fine now, though a bit humid, but tonight the winds seemed to pick up. We'll have to see how it goes.

I had hoped to move into my new flat this weekend; but typhoon or not, there will be heavy rains in the forecast, so it may not be the best time to move...

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  1. Why do they come up with the weirdest names for typhoons?