Friday, 16 July 2010

Wishful Thinking

Yesterday people were waiting with baited breath to see if Tropical Storm Conson would strengthen and move northeastwards towards Hong Kong.

Last night around 10:30pm there was a massive downpour and the Typhoon 1 signal had been raised.

My colleague told me she was in a bar with friends when the rains drenched the city. "All of a sudden there was a collective buzz of anticipation for the possibility of Typhoon 8 and a public holiday," she said.

Everyone grabbed their Blackberries and madly started getting on the Hong Kong Observatory website to check for the latest update.

However, when they found out Conson wasn't coming anywhere close to Hong Kong and not even a Typhoon 3 signal would be raised, my coworker said there was a collective sigh in the bar and as soon as the rain cleared, everyone left to go home.

Today the weather was slightly overcast in the morning and then there was a downpour just before lunch. The clouds then parted and revealed a clear blue sky before eventually turning gray again and heavy rain hit at 6pm.

Come rain or shine, I'm off on a mission to furnish my apartment tomorrow... it must be done!

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