Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Green Escape

This afternoon I took my friend to Bowen Road for a stroll.

I hadn't been there in many years so as we wandered through Hong Kong Park I didn't quite remember how to get there. We went up to the aviary and then back down before finding the right flight of stairs up to Kennedy Road, then to McDonnell Road and then finally Bowen Road.

It was quite the hike. By the time we got to Bowen Road I was covered in sweat, but pleased that I had bought an extra bottle of water for our walk.

Bowen Road hasn't changed much in the over 10 years since I last was there. I haven't gone at such a late time during the day, but there were still a number of joggers and dog walkers along the path.

It was so nice to be able to escape the industrial sounds of the city -- the buses and trucks rumbling down the road, the pile drivers working non-stop; loud conversations, sidewalks crowded with people and the soupy mixture of smells had all disappeared too. It was replaced with lots of greenery, from centuries-old trees to shrubs and flowers. Even butterflies danced by us.

We walked, and walked... hardly talking, taking in the relatively quiet and verdant landscape. And looking out towards Victoria Harbour we could see the stunning skyline, and imagine the noisy streets down below.

It took us over an hour to finish the entire trail which ended around Stubbs Road, from where we took a bus to Causeway Bay and then took the subway back home.

I hope to do this walk/run more regularly now that I'm back... and remember how to get there.

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  1. yes about the right amount of work out. what is the air quality like?