Saturday, 21 August 2010

Picture of the Day: Macau and Money

Across from Casino Lisboa in Macau is Wynn hotel, which has a giant shallow pool in front and every 15 minutes there's a water and music show.

Sometimes it's Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas, classical music, or Frank Sinatra singing Luck Be a Lady, with the jets spewing out water at great heights choreographed to the tunes. Sometimes they sway, other times they shoot up water and then stop. There's coloured lights to go with the aquatic action too.

The last song, Holding Out for a Hero a remake of Bonnie Tyler's hit song even includes fire balls shot into the sky which definitely creates the wow factor.

But perhaps the most telling song they broadcast to the fountain is Money Makes the World Go Round from the musical Cabaret.

Because the hotel, like every other one in Macau, has casinos where lots of people, particularly mainland Chinese, who drop millions of dollars at the gambling tables, making the city what it is today.

And perhaps Wynn is just encouraging people to do it more with a few extra jet streams of water thrown in.

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  1. i have enjoyed such a water fountain show the last time i was in macao. it is quite a sight and sound exhibition. very nice for the casinos to give some thing back to the people by providing this type of free entertainment.