Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Quick Cut, Quick Beauty

QB House is a cheap way to get a haircut, especially in Hong Kong. QB stands for "quick beauty".

The business started in Tokyo in 1995 just as the recession hit, and since then it has taken off in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The concept is that you're in and out of the no-frills salon in 10 minutes for only HK$50 ($6.44).

A friend of mine went there about a week ago to try it out. There are some 25 outlets in Hong Kong and he went to the one in Sheung Wan, in the Shun Tak Centre, or Macau Ferry Terminal. It's just at the top of the escalator when you come up from the MTR (exit D).

First you have to have a HK$50 bill that you feed into a machine and it spits out a ticket. Then you wait your turn.

My friend didn't have to wait long -- the guy ahead of him was semi bald, and only wanted his sides shortened. The hairdresser quickly remedied the situation by getting out the electric shears and shortened the sides in two minutes.

When my friend sat in the chair -- there's no hair washing involved -- the hairdresser was a bit nervous dealing with a gweilo or foreigner, but with his broken English and my friend's decent Mandarin they were able to communicate the kind of haircut he wanted.

The hairdresser was probably a bit more cautious, wanting to make sure he wasn't cutting off more than expected, but my friend was pleased with the end result.

While the hairdresser didn't check to make sure every single hair was cut properly, he basically did the job. And really, how can you complain about a HK$50 hair cut?

However, the service might not be advisable for women, who are more particular about their hair...

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  1. here here great for me. no thrill hair cuts. did he give the poor hair dresser a tip? the guy is probably paid pittance.