Saturday, 14 August 2010

Where's the Milk?

A short rant before I continue my Vietnam report:

A friend of mine goes to a Park N' Shop supermarket everyday near where I live, checking out prices and buying staples like milk and eggs.

But in the last four days, the supermarket, which is also called "International" for its supposed selection of imported food products, has had hardly any yogurt and milk to speak of in the dairy section. The area -- a giant chunk of the refrigerated section -- was almost empty the first day, completely clear the second, even with the lights out. And now the staff seem to be sheepishly trying to make the shelves look quasi filled, but only with other items like eggs. How are eggs supposed to replace yogurt or milk?

Today I went in to see the situation for myself and it was quite pathetic. There was some yogurt available, but not the plain flavour that is usually for sale; instead several containers of cottage cheese were there. A slim selection of milk was there, but placed in a completely different area of the dairy section.

What is going on here? Park N' Shop is supposed to be a good place to buy groceries, with very competitive prices. So what happened with the milk and yogurt? Was there some falling out with the suppliers? Or did a buyer in that store forget to order more?

Four days without a decent dairy selection in a decent supermarket is deplorable.

What's even more bizarre is that customers either haven't noticed or don't seem to care.

Perhaps that also demonstrates Hong Kongers aren't eating healthy breakfasts...


  1. Perhaps Park N Shop is trying to educate people that dairy isn't good for everyone. Seriously, most people don't digest dairy products well, except for blood type B people. Inability to assimilate and digest dairy is a cause for many chronic diseases such as allergy. Even if you are Type B, the "regular" dairy products (pasteurized and non-organic) are not good for health. So perhaps it's time to rethink what a "healthy breakfast" really means.....

  2. what is the big deal -no dairy products. you can take soy instead. there is quite a lot of lactose intolerance in chinese anyways.