Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Determined Protesters

Everyday there are protesters camped outside Hang Seng bank and HSBC headquarters, as well as Citi bank in Central. They wave their handwritten signs and shout slogans, mostly saying how each bank is a crook.

When I came to Hong Kong to visit from Beijing, I thought it was fantastic these citizens were allowed to protest, as they would have already been hauled away by police if this was happening in China.

But these people continue their protest, though their campaign has fallen on deaf ears.

They lost lots of money after the global financial crisis, claiming they were misled into investing their life savings into certain stock packages that were promised high returns. So perhaps with nothing to lose, this band of people, ranging from middle-aged to elderly, make it their job to protest everyday in the vain hope of being heard.

It is particularly sad for pensioners to lose their hard-earned money, but at the same time kind if admirable for them not to give up their fight.

Security guards watch from a distance while most of the public ignore them and go about their business.

The banks have remained silent and probably will continue to do so, hoping these people will give up their protest and go away.

But it doesn't seem like these protesters will give up anytime soon.

While it's great to see them exercising the right to free speech, one wonders if there will be any benefits in the end.

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