Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dim Sum with a View

The Dale Chihuly-like chandeliers
Today we had dim sum in a place called Cuisine Cuisine or 國金軒 at ifc mall in Central.

Thanks to one of the mall staff standing near the map, he gave us pretty good directions otherwise we'd be circling around completely lost. I still haven't managed to find my way around this place easily which can be frustrating at times.

Anyway we arrived and the place looked grand with very high ceilings and Dale Chihuly-like glass chandeliers -- they were not nearly as intricate and artistic as his.

Our view of construction filling in Victoria Harbour...
The windows gave a great view of the harbour being filled in -- directly in front of us was a construction site filled with heavy equipment and the man-made land filling in what used to be the Star Ferry terminal. We can discuss the pros and cons of this project, but that's another story.

I expected rain despite Typhoon Megi missing us, but there was not a drop in sight, though the sky was quite hazy.

The dim sum menu here is a bit on the expensive side, but quite good and you're paying for relatively good service. We had steamed shrimp dumplings, barbecue pork in a round puff pastry, steamed rice rolls, vegetarian steamed dumplings, fried-rice covered with a layer of scrambled egg and then cut into squares, a plate of choy sum with oyster sauce, and stir-fried thick rice noodles with crab roe sauce topped with giant prawns and vegetables.

Floral-shaped osmanthus jelly for dessert
However what was really intriguing was the dessert. There was green tea jelly in layers, and then a delicate jelly made from osmanthus shaped like flowers and a coconut-like jelly with red bean underneath.

It was quite exquisite for a Chinese dessert, as Chinese cuisine doesn't do desserts justice.

Going to the washroom at Cuisine Cuisine is an event in itself.

You have to walk down the long hallway until you reach the end which looks like a gray wall. Off to the left is the men's, the women's straight ahead. An automatic door slides open and you walk in and then open yet another door to finally enter the washroom.

While the toilet flushes automatically, the sinks don't automatically turn on and off -- it's manual. Seems like the budget for sinks and soap dispensers was cut back. Either everything should be automatic, or manual otherwise people's expectations are not met. Nevertheless, there is an attendant there, handing small towels folded into squares to each person for old-school service.

Regardless, emerging from the bathroom, it can be a memory challenge of getting back to your seat...

Cuisine Cuisine
3101 Podium Level 3
ifc mall
2393 3933

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