Sunday, 31 October 2010

Laundering Fears

In an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David goes into the dry cleaner to pick up his favourite baseball shirt, but the dry cleaner doesn't have it. She explains this happens all the time. He wants it back but she just shrugs her shoulders and he's flabbergasted.

He even takes up the issue with California Senator Barbara Boxer. She says, "See these pants? I got them from the dry cleaners."

Later on the street Larry sees a person wearing his baseball shirt... and then another...

I almost had a Larry David moment the other day. Last week I took my clothes to the wash and got them back the same day. but I didn't realize until a few days later that one of my red tops was missing. What happened to it? Did someone else have it?

In a moment of panic -- just before going to bed -- I wondered if it would be gone forever and if I was prepared for the possibility of it having a new owner or lost somewhere in laundry equivalent of the black hole.

I was too busy this week to go ask the laundry people about it until today when I dropped off another load.

When I told them about my missing top, they went over to a hanging rack and asked if the red top they were pointing to was the one. Yes! What a relief!

It turns out when they took it out of the dryer it was still damp so they hung it to dry and forgot to put it back in the load.

"We usually depend on the customer to tell us if they're missing something," they said.

While I appreciate their honesty, I guess it's hard to keep track of everyone's clothes all the time.

I'm just glad to have my top back.

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