Monday, 11 October 2010

Looks Familiar...

Somehow the torch was lit in overcast weather...
On the weekend I saw a news report on TV showing the procession of Chinese maidens in white flowing dresses walking in a procession along the Great Wall and then they performed a dance before taking a torch, putting it near a concave metal disc and somehow miraculously getting a flame despite the overcast weather.

Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps the International Olympic Committee does not have a copyright on how the torch is lit in Athens so the Chinese have literally run away with it and made it their own.

All the women are dressed in white, their long tresses done up to look like Greek goddesses... the torch is lit and then a Chinese man holds up the torch to the admiring crowd before the flame is put in a special holder that also looks familiar from over two years ago...

This latest lighting is for the upcoming Asian Games in Guangzhou and as before there will be a giant torch relay. You can never have enough coverage of a torch relay in China.

Hopefully after these games are over on November 27 that will finally be the end of Olympics-like pomp and circumstance.

Why not create something more with Chinese characteristics? Now that would be innovative.

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  1. china loves everything western except human rights.