Friday, 15 October 2010

Pathetic Silence

While every other world leader has taken the opportunity to praise Liu Xiaobo on his winning the Nobel Peace Prize and some also calling for his immediate release, Hong Kong's Chief Executive Donald Tsang has remained strangely silent even a week later.
Yesterday lawmakers in the Legislative Council criticized him for not saying anything about Liu.
"Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize but the Chinese Communist Party not only puts pressure on him in jail, his wife is suffering because of it too," Leung Kwok-hung, of the League of Social Democrats said. "Say a fair word for the people of Hong Kong," the long-haired lawmaker urged.
But Tsang declared he had no comment on the matter.
"Where is your conscience? I have never seen any leaders overseas make no comment in parliament," Leung said.
Albert Chan Wai-yip and Wong Yuk-man also chimed in, infuriated by Tsang's silence.
Even when the announcement was made that Liu had won the prize, Tsang didn't answer any questions from the media about it.
This is quite ironic considering Hong Kong (and Macau) are the only places in China where you can freely celebrate an historic event like this.
It was quite appropriate last Friday when I met up with my friends from Beijing and we celebrated Liu's win.
They were so thrilled but also pleasantly surprised by the freedoms here, inspiring them to perhaps move here in the future, where they could get access to all the information, books and movies they wanted.
But how could it be that Hong Kong's own leader is too scared to say anything?
It just goes to show how much Tsang's hands are tied, or how little integrity he has for his own people.
Perhaps he doesn't want to answer that question either.

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  1. it is political wisdom to save his neck. play it safe and his future is guaranteed. otherwise he will have an audience with 'lords of the north'. it will be difficult to explain himself.