Friday, 29 October 2010

Surreal Party

Bob Blumer and his Toastermobile
TV chef Bob Blumer of The Surreal Gourmet on the Food Network was recently in town as The Learning Channel (TLC) is rebranding itself.

The network held a bash at the Four Seasons which was really well executed.

In the ballroom there was a giant screen at the back, showcasing clips from TLC's shows to give visitors a taste of what the network's lineup is.

Blumer's Toastermobile recreated in Hong Kong
Near the screen was a small recreation of Blumer's Toastermobile, and the man himself, taking photographs with each and every person holding a copy of his latest cookbook, Glutton for Pleasure which he signed too. And he'd take a swig of wine between shots.

Blumer definitely has an eye for the ladies and the more skin they revealed, the more flirty he got. Taking pictures with each person gave him the chance to wrap his arms around a lot of admiring female fans. He seemed disappointed having to pose with guys.

And his mini Toastermobile was serving up some intriguing dishes which suited Blumer's Surreal Gourmet style.

What looks like bacon and eggs... for dessert!
In the dim light, it looked like the plates had bacon, a fried egg and a piece of toast. But the chef behind the counter, a Chinese one in his uniform explained it was actually a dessert. The egg was actually made from coconut panna cotta, the yolk was half an apricot, the toast was a thin slice of pound cake, and the bacon was made from a combination of white and milk chocolate to create a bacon-like effect and then a sauce made with coffee drizzled on top.

Jell-O shots presented like orange wedges
And next to them on a platter were orange wedges -- but they were actually Jell-O shots.

It turns out this recipe is in his cookbook called Jell-O Slicers. It's quite simple -- just cut oranges in half and scoop everything out. And then make Jell-O and add your favourite vodka to spike the Jell-O and pour it into the orange cups. Then refrigerate for a few hours until they're firm. Then slice into wedges.

His note in the recipe in capital letters says: Remember, you are serving solid booze.

And to complement these Jell-O shots, there were small plastic bottles with straws in them that had a label that said "Hangover Helper" on them stating they were made with "real strawberries". The chef also explained it was basically strawberry yogurt. Many people tried it just for fun.

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