Friday, 26 November 2010

The Perils of the Macau Commute

Digging into some turkey in Macau
Yesterday I went to Macau to try out a Christmas dinner -- on American Thanksgiving.

We had way too much food -- a platter filled with assorted sushi and sashimi, a giant bowl of ice covered with seafood, like raw oysters, cooked prawns, lobster and mussels. Another giant bowl was filled with Caesar salad, the romaine lettuce roughly cut and the bacon left in strips. Then there was a giant bowl of crab and corn chowder that could have easily been served in a cappuccino or espresso cup and that would have been enough of the rich taste.

A side of brussel sprouts, squash and chestnuts
But then that followed with a deep-fried fish with soy sauce, and then the main event -- slices of roast turkey, with mushroom and bacon stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, chestnuts and roast squash.

For a Macanese flourish, we also had African chicken, something I've never had before but definitely will again -- small pieces of chicken marinated in a coconut sauce and then roasted with lots of garlic.

Desserts went back to the Christmas theme -- fruit cake, a kind of ice cream concoction with a gingerbread tree on top, a dessicated coconut kind of mousse, and chocolate ganache cake.

It was kind of ironic having Christmas dinner on Thanksgiving, but I won't say no to turkey.

If dinner wasn't enough there were desserts to polish off
While it's very nice to be treated to a dinner like this, many of us had to schlep over to Macau for the treat.

We were even given complimentary seats in Super Class. Not first class -- Super Class.

This means sitting either in the upper deck away from the ordinary ticket holders, or up at the front shielded by a curtain.

Staff are most attentive to your needs, though the complimentary food is hardly appetizing, let alone healthful.

However my main point about Super Class is that it's usually nice being in this area because it's quieter, or so you'd expect.

Instead, on my way over and return to Hong Kong, my ability to nap was rudely interrupted by men in their 60s (mainlanders) playing games on their mobile phones. They had the volume up so I could hear every time they scored or failed in their attempts to play the game.

So it sounded like they were receiving a text message or phone call every few seconds. Very annoying.

And very juvenile.

How classy... for Super Class.

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