Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Pettiness Continues

The Chinese government is trying so hard to keep Liu Xiaobo out of the spotlight, but what it's doing is having the opposite effect.

There seems to be something about Liu in the news everyday.

His wife Liu Xia is still under house arrest. She has a strong suspicion that the authorities will not be allowing her to go receive Liu's Nobel Peace Prize on his behalf next month. As a result, she wrote an open letter, saying she was inviting a number of people to go to Oslo to support Liu.

However many of the names on this list have all had visits from the authorities, having "tea" with them, which means a verbal warning, or even house arrest themselves.

One of the few who has openly declared she will go is dissident writer Dai Qing, who is currently in Canada for an academic conference.

And now people associated with Liu can't even go overseas at the moment.

His lawyer, Mo Shaoping, and law professor He Weifang were stopped at Beijing airport today, not allowed to leave the country to attend a conference in London. The authorities are probably worried they will stay there longer so that they too can go to Norway to accept the prize on behalf of Liu.

Justifiably Mo is incensed and plans to file a lawsuit against the government for unlawfully preventing him from leaving the country, despite the authorities his departure would "threaten state security".

These petty actions are just making the Chinese government look even more irrational, revealing how terrified it is about one person who is not an ax murderer or a terrorist, but a quiet intellectual advocating better rights for the Chinese.

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  1. the people's republic of china is afraid of its own little defenseless people.