Friday, 12 November 2010

Picture of the Day: Passed Out

Performance art or dead to the world? Police investigate
Here's something you don't see everyday on the streets of Chongqing -- or any major Chinese city -- men in business suits passed out on the ground.

There were four young men, all vying for a sales job. The potential employer called them in for a second-round interview and then invited them to lunch.

Eager to impress their boss, they drank as much alcohol as they could. Two of the young men are only university students who are graduating next year.

Needless to say they were pretty wasted.

Three of them passed out on the ground, while the fourth leaned on a telephone pole, muttering and shivering.

And like all "incidents" in China, people just stand around and watch them before someone actually has the brains to call the police, and they in turn contacted the paramedics.

After some puking, the men were hauled into the ambulances.

So not only do you need to have good qualifications and guanxi, you need to hold your alcohol too.

Wonder who got the job.

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  1. it is a sad fact that you have to know how to smoke and have a good stomach for alcohol before you can gt a job.