Saturday, 27 November 2010

Posting Good Service

One thing I like about Hong Kong is Hong Kong Post.

The staff at the service counters are quite efficient considering they
are using old school equipment (a book full of stamps and handle
change just using a calculator).

Yesterday I got a card in the mail saying there was a piece of
registered mail to pick up from the post office because I wasn't home
(it's called work, people).

I read the back of it and it said that they would hold the package for
14 days from the date of the card being issued, and after that it
would be returned to the sender.

So I was in a bit of a panic because next weekend I'll be out of town
and by the time I try to pick it up the next weekend, the deadline
would have already passed. And this post office branch opens at
9:30am, and I'm on my way to work at that time.

I called the 24-hour hotline number on the card, thinking it would
probably be just recorded messages, but I managed to get a person on
the line.

He was very helpful, asking me for the reference number of the
package. I couldn't really read the scribble and he even corrected me
on what the last two digits should be.

Then he said that I could pick up the package after 11:30am today,
even though the card said I would have to wait at least two working
days before I could get it. "Just make sure you come before 1pm," he
said, as today is Saturday, a half day.

Great! I can pick up my package today and not have to worry about it.

I started to wonder what it was... a belated birthday gift? A textbook
from my Chinese teacher back in Beijing?

To pass the time I went to the gym and then rushed back at 12:45pm
just in time to pick up the package.

And what was it?

A thin envelope from American Express. To thank me for successfully
applying for its credit card, they were giving me a HK$50 coupon for
Park N Shop. That's the equivalent of $6.44.

I got a piece of registered mail so that I could save $6.44 on my next
trip to the supermarket.

For a coupon worth that much you'd think regular mail would be good
enough and save the HK$14.40 on postage.

If you want good service, you gotta pay.

Gotta love Hong Kong Post.

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  1. we never expect this type of service in canada. so accommodating and efficient, and pretty cheap too.