Thursday, 4 November 2010

Silencing its own Voice

It is disappointing to find the Legislative Council is not going to urge Beijing to free Liu Xiabo.

The motion, tabled by Wong Yuk-man of the League of Social Democrats, was supported by 22 pan-democrats, but vetoed by 28 pro-government lawmakers, with one abstention yesterday.

The debate lasted three and a half hours and in the end the motion was killed.

It's the second time the legislature has defeated a motion calling for Liu's release since he was sentenced to 11 years in prison by subversion on Christmas Day last year.

While it's not surprising Legco doesn't have the guts to tell Beijing to free Liu just as the rest of the world is urging it to do, it's a pity it doesn't take this opportunity as a "democracy" to speak its mind.

We here can freely celebrate Liu's win, and yet the government is too scared to tell its master the emperor has no clothes on.

Just another day in Hong Kong.

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  1. how can you bite the hand that feeds you? big brother has a leash on the necks of the hongkong officials.