Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sweet Treat in Central

Amanda Cheng and Andrea Lau of Riquiqui
A small dessert place in Central is garnering good reviews since it opened a few months ago.

Called Riquiqui which means "small" or "tiny" in French, it's a dessert bar that serves three courses of sweet things with a good dose of good conversation and laughs.

Started by pastry chef Amanda Cheng and her cousin Andrea Lau, the small place on Wellington Street offers an intimate place for people to relax and enjoy each bite of their desserts.

Following the concept of a dessert bar in New York, you get an "appetizer" followed by a main course and then petite fours for HK$200 ($25.80) per person. It includes a glass of water, and a choice of tea or a glass of wine.

The place features a long bar, with two tables for two on the side along a dark blue wall. Everyone sits on bar chairs, and above the bar are strings of crystals to create a chandelier effect.
Malt chocolate mousse

At the back of the bar is a gold gilt-frame with the menu handwritten on it, and the selections change frequently. I've already been here a few times and each time have sampled a different main course, such as banana cream pie, raspberry napoleon, and even pineapple polenta with coconut ice cream.

This time we started with a malt chocolate mousse, a narrow shooter glass filled with chocolate mousse at the bottom, topped with small homemade Malteasers. It's not too sweet or heavy either, the mini Malteasers packing quite a crunch to contrast with the smooth mousse.

Next we chose the apple crumble with butterscotch sauce and hazelnut ice cream topped with pistacho nuts. It was literally a bowl of warm crumble with diced apples flavoured with cinnamon that was delicious down to the last bite. It wasn't too heavy compared to other desserts like chocolate ganache cake.

Finally the petit fours are almond cake, marshmallow covered in dessicated coconut and a mini cookie sandwich laced with jam.

Apple crumble with hazelnut ice cream
Cheng and Lau make the experience all the more memorable, easily chatting with their customers on just about anything. Last time it was about MSG and today it was on wrinkles.

If you do come to Riquiqui, make a booking ahead of time to ensure a spot in one of Hong Kong's up and coming little eateries after dark.

2/F, 12 Wellington Street
2868 3302

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  1. makes my mouth water just to look at the pix. too bad cant smell it.