Monday, 29 November 2010

Word of the Day: Xiao San

The temptation to cheat is very common in China... especially for men.

Pretty women are everywhere, eager to get ahead financially without
having to work.

And for the most part the men succumb to their physical desires
without thinking of the social and moral consequences.

As a result, this leads to xiao san (小三), a euphemism for the third
party in the relationship.

Now China is coming up with a new draft law that stipulates a mistress
will not be allowed to claim any share of property or "compensation
for lost youth" if her man severs the extramarital relationship.

The proposal comes as the divorce rate has risen in the past seven
years. From January to June this year, 850,000 couples split up. And
infidelity is increasingly the reason why many divorce.

Perhaps the government is hoping if this law comes into effect, then
young women would have less of a reason to want to become a mistress.

Sociology professor Xia Yueluan at Peking University said this
signaled the traditional family system should be maintained in a
period of rapid economic growth and confused morals, and that being a
marriage intruder would cause the loss of "both the person and money"
in the end.

"It is also part of a reflection of anti-corruption sentiments," Xia
continued. "Too many corrupt officials were also disgraced for keeping

It'll be interesting to see what happens to the "Judicial
Interpretation No. 3 to the Marriage Law", and if it does get passed,
how many officials will lose their mistresses as a result...

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