Friday, 31 December 2010

Delicious Feast at Tim's

Steamed crab claw with egg white
My first experience at Tim's Kitchen in October was mixed. We'd ordered a few excellent dishes and the rest were so-so or not good at all.
But that didn't deter me from trying it again this past week and practically everything was a winner this time.
Crystal king prawn with Chinese ham
We started with crystal king prawn that was delicately cut to look ruffled up and it was very crunchy. It had to be eaten with a fork and knife and it came with a slice of Chinese ham. It looks like an odd combination on the plate, but once eaten together, they complemented each other nicely, the saltiness from the ham with the fresh prawn.
Then we had the supreme snake bisque, a wonderful hearty soup filled with snake meat and pork, wood ear fungus and fish maw. It was accompanied with garnishes such as chrysanthemum petals, julienne kafir lime leaves, coriander and deep fried chips.

The other signature dish is the steamed whole fresh crab claw with egg white was excellent as before, the crab very meaty and cooked just perfectly, complemented with the smooth texture of the egg white flavoured with thick chicken stock. It's practically a meal in itself.
Last time we ordered salt-baked chicken which the restaurant insisted could only be ordered whole and not half. But this time we had a half portion of the crispy chicken that was excellent. The skin was indeed crispy, in a deep golden brown colour and not much fat left on it, while the meat was tender and moist.
Braised pomelo dish (left) and scrambled eggs with shark's fin
Another good recommendation is the braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe. This dish is absolutely divine, as I know how much work is put into just preparing the thick skin. It's soaked for around four to five days, each time it has to be wrung out and the water changed. Then it's ready for cooking and this one practically melts in the mouth, with an interesting textural contrast from the generous sprinkling of shrimp roe.
There's also sauteed shark's fin with fresh crab meat, bean sprouts and scrambled eggs. You can hardly make out the shark's fin here let alone taste it, the flavours mostly coming from the eggs and the crunchiness from the bean sprouts.
Pea shoots are still in season and we had them cooked in a soup base that was not too oily and very fresh.
For dessert we steered clear of the sago puff pastry and instead ordered the almond soup with egg whites. It was quite sweet, but the steamed red date cake was very good, not too sweet and was quite amusing with its sticky jello-like qualities.
Tim's Kitchen was awarded two stars in the 2011 Michelin guide Hong Kong Macau. That's probably because the reviewer only sampled the signature dishes of this place. But now I know what to order next time.
Tim's Kitchen
84-90 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan
2543 5919

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