Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hanging Out on the Ark

Yep Noah's Ark is in Hong Kong -- Ma Wan Park to be exact
Yesterday I went to my friend's wedding which was held in a rather unique location -- Noah's Ark.

I didn't even know Hong Kong had Noah's Ark which is in Ma Wan Park, near Tsing Yi subway station, and is actually located by the Tsing Ma Bridge, by the water.

There's a dark brown wooden ark near the beach and the complex includes a kind of amusement park as well as restaurants and even a hotel.

Who knew?
Noah's Ark is by Tsing Ma Bridge

The place, which is owned by Sun Hung Kai Properties, says on its website that it aims "to promote family values and teach love, social harmony and care for the environment".

This breaks down further into specific goals:

Love for Self and Others;
Love for the Well-being of the Body and Spirit;
Love for Life;
Love for the Environment;
Love for Learning;
Love for Challenges;
and Love to Serve Others.

It has slightly religious undertones which explains why my friend and his now wife chose this venue as they are Christians. But an ark? It is meant to save the rest of us from being swept into the evilness of capitalism and materialism?

Two giraffes from the ark
Admittedly I didn't wander around the whole park, but did see a pair of giraffe sculptures standing on top of a hill, and I missed checking out the rest of the animals coming out of the ark two-by-two.

There was a "Faith Avenue" and a kind of mural on the underpass that had words painted on there like "love", "forgiveness" and an interesting one -- "self-control".

The different attractions in the park are contracted out. For example, the Ark Expo and Ark Garden are run by The Media Evangelism (need I say more?), and it even has an exhibition called 2-Head Castle, showcasing two-headed turtles, conjoined twin fish and a single-eyed fish called Cutie. While it's nice to know these animals are embraced rather than destroyed, it's still kind of like a freak show...

Meanwhile the Chinese YMCA runs Noah's Resort, the hotel part, which from the website looks straight-forward and clean. There's no encouragement to mess about in this place.

Hanging out by the beach
Tickets here aren't cheap -- depending on which exhibits you want to see and when, it can cost up to HK$100 ($12.86) for adults. And transportation is a chunk too -- getting out to Tsing Yi and then taking a special shuttle bus for another HK$9.50 ($1.22) to get out there, as access to the road is restricted by the government and only those vehicles with valid permits can go in and out.

So the bottom line is -- if you have a hankering to brush up on your family values, come on down.

Sun Hung Kai Properties will thank you for it.

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  1. not a bad venue for a wedding reception. especial;y for Christians at the holiday season.