Saturday, 25 December 2010

Picture of the Day: Christmas Tree

The towering Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree
This is Christmas Tree in Statue Square in Central seems more of a corporate publicity stunt than an earnest effort at spreading holiday cheer in Hong Kong.

The Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree is 30 metres tall and has over 20 million pieces of crystals on it. No you can't grab any of them because there are barriers around the tree and also a security guard standing watch.

This metal arbour is also sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, with its famous junk logo featured at the base of the tree.

Tonight being Christmas, many people came by to take photographs with the tree as it shimmered with snow flake designs on the diamond shapes.

A video was made to record how the tree was constructed. Watch it here.

But there has been much criticism about this tree not having much life, or Christmas spirit. It seems more like a public relations exercise than a bona fide gift to the city.

What's the point of the tree? To amaze people that Hong Kong has this giant sparkling thing in Central? Or to advertise Swarovski?

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  1. the u.a.e. claims to have the world's most extravagant christmas tree hanging with real jewelery, may be this hong kong's answer to this littering commercial world this may be acceptable. quite a nice piece of commercial art.