Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Revolutionary Fervour

When I saw this poster I almost thought I was back in the motherland.

It is advertising an upcoming concert by The Wynners, a Hong Kong pop band that was formed in the 1970s and features Alan Tam (vocals), Kenny Bee (vocals), Bennett Pang (guitar), Danny Yip (bass guitar) and Anthony Chan (drums).

How old are these guys now? Tam in particular doesn't show his age... could it be plastic surgery? Botox?

The group started off singing mostly in English, but from the looks of their latest poster, Putonghua might be in order.

On the gold badge in the background it says 溫拿 (wen na) which sounds like "wynner", but it's their revolutionary poses that are so bizarre. While it's probably meant to be a parody of the 1950s posters, the only sign of mockery are the blue, white and red arm band and badges on their jackets that remind us of those plastic sheets used for cheap covering or made into bags that mainlanders use to lug around their belongings.

The Wynners concert will be held at the Hunghom Stadium from February 4-9, during the Chinese New Year holiday.

I still don't get the revolutionary theme so perhaps their new material is?

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  1. i like this poster, it suits them well. they grew up during that tumultuous years of the people's republic. it reminds the audience how far they have come.