Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Battle of Wills Continues

Nina Wang Kung-yu was a larger-than-life persona when she was the richest woman in Asia. However, her husband Teddy disappeared in 1990 and when he was finally declared dead nine years later, there was a battle between her and her father-in-law over which of Teddy's wills was authentic.
In the end she won and that was the end of that.
And then Wang died in April 2007 at 69 of cancer and apparently left behind more than one will. You'd think after all the fiasco she went through in the courts she'd make sure there was only one will.
But her siblings who run the Chinachem Foundation had the "battle of the wills" against her fung shui master and lover Tony Chan.
Finally last February the judge ruled in favour of Chinachem, saying the 2006 document Chan produced was a forgery, while the one dated 2002 was the correct will. At the time Justice Johnson Lam Man-hon described Chan as "untruthful, unreliable and lacking in credibility".
Police are still investigating if they should press criminal charges on Chan for the forged document.
One would have thought that would have been the end of that saga.
But no.
Now Chan has launched an appeal, claiming he has new evidence including a video that shows he and Wang had an intimate relationship where Wang is called "Piggy" and Chan is "Daddy".
"The judgment does not do justice to the depth of emotion," Ian Mill QC, for Chan, said in the Court of Appeal. "We don't think the judge did justice to [Wang's] true feelings for my client."
While Chan has a right to appeal, why doesn't the court throw out the case after it has been determined the 2006 will is a forgery and on top of that Chan is a completely unreliable witness?
Trying to establish the intimate relationship between Chan and Wang doesn't help his case much which is why it's curious the court is still allowing his case to be heard.
The saga continues and strange characters like Chan continue to get their 15 minutes of fame. 

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