Monday, 24 January 2011

Build and They Will Fly

Does Beijing really need another airport after just opening T3 in 2008?

China built Terminal 3 at the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) in time for the 2008 Olympics and now it wants to build another Beijing airport in five years.

BCIA is already the world's second-busiest airport and while it's designed to handle 76 million passengers and 1.8 million tonnes of cargo a year by 2015, it already had 70 million passengers last year.

One has to wonder where all those passengers came from, though Shanghai hosted the Expo last year and many may have visited or transited through Beijing as well during the six-month period.

So does Beijing really need another airport already?

My impression overall was that Terminal 3 is not used very efficiently and neither are Terminals 1 and 2. While it's nice to have terminals that aren't packed with travelers, T3 didn't look particularly filled to capacity and many staff seemed to be standing around without much to do.

Nevertheless, the new airport is expected to be open for business by 2015 and would be located in Daxing district, south of the city.

Just sounds more like a make-work project again than practical sense or an opportunity to boast China's dominance in the skies...

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  1. is this new airport more geared to international flights only while the existing one for both international and domestic flights? does not seem too rational. or this new one for domestic flights only? but what about international flight needs to transfer to domestic? one thing for sure it is a job creation program.