Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fact of the Day: Macau on a Roll

Macau's ever-growing casino landscape

Last year Macau raked in a killing in gaming revenues.

There are 33 licensed casinos in the city and they took in a record 188.34 billion patacas ($24.23 billion), up an unprecedented 57.8 percent from 2009, which coincides with when the Chinese government started its economic stimulus package to weather the global economic downturn.

So now we know where a lot of that money went. It didn't all go into pouring concrete.

Now the Macau market is more than four times the size of the Las Vegas strip. Casino winnings in Macau have more than doubled since 2007, more than quadrupled since 2005, and more than eightfold from the 22.2 billion patacas ($2.85 billion) in 2002 when Stanley Ho's gaming monopoly ended.

How's that for big money?

However, analysts think the good days will be soon over as Beijing is anxious to curb the flow of hot money and Macau is trying to put more regulations in the gaming industry by limiting the number of casinos that can open as well as caps on gaming tables.

But who knows? There's always a way around things if people are willing to gamble their money away...

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