Saturday, 22 January 2011

Picture of the Day: Keeping Warm

Bundled up while waiting for the bus
When I moved back to Hong Kong six months ago, I had forgotten how chilly it can get in the winter. I also thought the cold spell would only be temporary.

But this year it has dragged on for over a month now and lots of people are getting tired of it.

That said, stores are doing a brisk business selling everything from sweaters and boots to hot water bottles, blankets and heaters.

It can get down to 10 degrees at night, which to many outside of Hong Kong is hardly cold, but bear in mind we have no central heating let alone insulated apartments or offices!

So in the spirit of keeping warm, I spotted this elderly gentleman making sure his head was protected from the cold...


  1. to us living in north america 10 degree is warm for winter.

  2. Great post and really digging your blog. Just found it today and the one from your Beijing posts. It will be 10° next week in Suzhou, Jiangsu and we're looking forward to it!