Monday, 31 January 2011

Picture of the Day: Riding on Exposure

This is what passengers are staring at for some 23 minutes to the airport...

There are a number of MBA programs in Hong Kong, some are offered by local universities, others by post-secondary institutions abroad.

Many just advertise in newspapers and magazines, while others have branched out to expat websites as well. That's because many of the students are from overseas who are working in Hong Kong.

However, it seems Richard Ivey School of Business at Western in Canada is taking an even more aggressive step in standing out.

Ivey's aggressive marketing campaign on the Airport Express
On the backs of all the seats of the Airport Express trains are ads from Ivey promoting its EMBA (executive MBA) program in Hong Kong. And next to the seats are slots holding pamphlets for prospective students to get more information.

This seems like a very good marketing strategy, as people who would likely take this kind of program are high-flying executives who travel a lot. And since the train ride to the airport is 23 minutes and not much to look at along the way, that's pretty good exposure for the school.

One wonders if this was pitched by marketing students at Ivey, or it was the idea of its marketing team. Either way it seems like a good way to reach its potential target audience.

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  1. that is one of the reasons why ivey is the number one business school in canada.