Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Right Decision

The latest development around democracy activist Szeto Wah's upcoming funeral is that the mainland official who overseas Hong Kong affairs says it is entirely up to the city to decide whether to allow exiled mainland dissidents Wang Dan and Wuer Kaixi entry to Hong Kong to pay their last respects.
Wang Guangya said yesterday he thought the special administrative region would "handle it well'.
How's that for vagueness?
That puts the Hong Kong government in the hot seat. If it doesn't allow Wang Dan and Wuer in, it looks like a Scrooge, and if it does let them in, Beijing might not be happy about allowing these men on the wanted list on technically Chinese soil.
Wang Dan wasn't too pleased with the announcement saying, "It's not good for Beijing to turn down our requests publicly."
He added that if allowed into Hong Kong, he promised not talk to the media and wouldn't even stay overnight as he teaches in a university in Taiwan.
If the Hong Kong government had any backbone, and unfortunately it doesn't have much of one, considering it still hasn't caved into public demands do something about the air pollution and waste in the city, and reining in property developers too, then we can't expect it to give Wang Dan and Wuer the green light.
But if it did, it would be a refreshing change. And the right thing to do. 

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  1. i doubt very much hong kong government has enough back bone to allow wang dan/wuer kaixi in. they are too hot potatoes for hk to handle.