Friday, 4 February 2011

Picture of the Day: CNY in Las Vegas

One large bunny
We're celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in Las Vegas and Bellagio, the hotel we're staying in, is all decked out for Chinese New Year.

The decorations at the front desk feature lots of red lanterns with bamboo, and in the conservatory is a giant statue of the God of Wealth wearing silk robes and holding a gold ingot and a jade sceptre. There's also a large wooden boat with red sails that say "Gong Hei Fat Choy" on them.

And... as it's the year of the rabbit, there was also a super-sized furry hare surrounded by small garden variety ones.

The hotel and restaurant staff seemed well aware it was Chinese New Year -- so if they are trying to cater to Asian clientele, why don't the rooms have kettles in them?
A wooden boat complete with red sails
The God of Wealth

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  1. they want you the open their bottled water, sorry $5 each.