Thursday, 24 February 2011

Revolutionary Embers Still Burn

While the "jasmine revolution" was effectively quashed in the bud, there are still calls to continue protests every Sunday. An open letter posted on encouraged mainland Chinese to go for a "walk", a code word for protest every weekend in various locations across the country.
"You only need to walk from a distance, follow in silence, and go with the flow, bravely call out your slogans," the letter said. It gave the operation code name "dual sessions" in reference to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing that start March 3 and 5 respectively.
A spokesman for the central government's advisory body spoke for the first time about the "jasmine revolution" that happened on the weekend.
"I can tell you in full confidence that kind of revolution will not happen in China," said Zhao Qizheng, a spokesman for the CPPCC.
Meanwhile, Vice-President Xi Jinping has just finished a four-day "study session" on strengthening social control. He told provincial government and military leaders to find out new ways to "work with the masses through every aspect to maintain social harmony by eliminating social contradictions at their source".
That ironic considering the source of all this discontent is the Communist Party of China itself.
But knowing the CPC, it will find a way to continue spinning the party line in the hopes the convoluted messages will somehow placate the masses.
As for the "jasmine revolution", it could continue to blossom in spurts and perhaps reach full bloom in the next few years.

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  1. the wind of discontent is blowing eastward from africa. action and reaction. stronger the action, the stronger the reaction. a spark will light up a prairie fire.