Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Snuffing Out Revolutionary Ideas

The chaos that erupted in Egypt on Wednesday would be the Chinese government's biggest nightmare.

Even the eight days of peaceful protest beforehand put China on edge and it didn't want to take any chances of inspiring its citizens into taking to the streets against the government.

All Chinese state media have been told to only use dispatches from Xinhua News Agency, while no one can talk about the situation in Egypt online in any form, from blogs to microblogs and China's version of Facebook.

Instead the Chinese media is focusing on how quickly the government is bringing Chinese travellers stranded in Egyptian cities brought home, including those from Hong Kong.

An editorial in the Global Times said "Western-style" institutions and ideas are not suited for people in Africa and the Middle East. "Colour revolutions will not bring about real democracy," said the Times on January 30.

As if Chinese democracy is superior...

The Chinese government is also worried because of soaring inflation especially for food prices that the people could take to the streets to vent their frustrations and anger, thus the further clamping down on any kind of dissent.

While China wouldn't see such large scale protests as those in Egypt, there are thousands of small eruptions happening throughout the country everyday.

The authorities should be used to dealing with these "destabilizing" elements by now, but they seem more scared than ever.

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  1. the mother of all modern social reform -the french revolution is alive and well. it is entrenched in the urge of the people yearning for freedom and democracy. a regime like egypt governing with an iron fist is bound to fail. a good lesson for china. the difference though is china has pretty good standard of living for the ordinary people, but not egypt.