Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Your 15 Minutes of Fame are Up

Maybe fung shui master Tony Chan thinks his smile will get him an appeal

Tony Chan Chun-chuen just doesn't get it.

Yesterday the judges threw out the fung shui master's appeal that Asia's richest woman Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum gave him lots of money out of love.

The court said it had "no hesitation" in tossing the case.

"[Chan] has persisted in pursuing a thoroughly dishonest case," vice-president Anthony Rogers said. "In doing so he has abused the process of the court."

But even after the ruling Chan publicly announced he would appeal again.

"Although Mr Chan Chun-chuen is deeply disappointed by the court's ruling, he will respect the judgment. He has already decided to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal. Mr Chan reiterates that the 2006 will is absolutely authentic," said a public relations representative on Chan's behalf.

Meanwhile he has to pay around HK$340 million in legal fees for both sides in the previous court case and an additional HK$350 million for dodging the taxman.

Chan seems to be trying to rachet up the stakes in the hopes his name will be cleared and will get his hands on billions of dollars Wang left behind when she died in 2007.

But he either has a bunch of yes men around him or is so delusional to think the Court of Final Appeal will listen to his case when it's already been thrown out and a previous judge has already ruled him an unreliable witness.

Will someone please tell Chan his day in court is over and that we're all tired of hearing about this case? We're more interested in finding out what's happening with Stanley Ho and the supposed confusion over the allocation of his wealth.

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  1. this guys is simply too greedy. he deserves what he gets now- a bunch of legal problems. i predict he will end up in jail, broke, defamed.