Thursday, 31 March 2011

China's Moral High Ground on Libya... Not

Chinese President Hu Jintao rebuked French President Nicolas Sarkozy Wednesday over NATO's enforcement of the no-fly zone over Libya.
He said this during Sarkozy's visit to the Chinese capital, which observers say was worded in unusually strong language at the French president, whose country is the only one to formally recognize the rebels fighting against Muammar Gaddafi.
"If the military action brings disaster to innocent civilians, resulting in an even greater humanitarian crisis, then that is contrary to the original intention of the Security Council resolution," he said.
Hu called for an immediate cease-fire and expressed concerns Libya may end up being divided and said force would complicate a negotiated settlement. China, Hu said, "is not in favour of the use of force in international affairs."
China is trying to take the moral high ground, but it is in the UN charter that if civilians are in danger that NATO must step in. Also, NATO is doing what the rebels had requested weeks ago when Gaddafi started turning on his own civilians.
In any case, China probably doesn't want any bombings on its own investments there and hopes Gaddafi will stay in power to keep the lucrative deals going.
In the meantime China's attempt to spin the story about innocent Libyans being killed by air strikes have backfired.
While Chinese state media claims Libyans strongly oppose western intervention, the Libyans made sure China got the word loud and clear.
In Chinese characters they wrote "Mommar Gaddafi is a liar!" which was caught on TV cameras.
And in late February Gaddafi had threatened to execute protesters and send in tanks in order to cleanse Libya "house by house" in an action he compared to Tiananmen Square.
"People in front of tanks were crushed. The unity of China was more important than those people on Tiananmen Square.
"When Tiananmen Square happened, tanks were sent to deal with them," he continued. "It's not a joke. I will do whatever it takes to make sure part of the country isn't taken away."
Surely the Chinese government was squirming as it still denies a massacre happened on June 4.
The Chinese government must have been squirming when he said this as Beijing still refuses to acknowledge any massacre took place...

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