Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Intellectual Grandson

Major General Mao Xinyu

What do you do when you're the grandson of the Great Helmsman, Mao Zedong?

You become a military official of course... despite being obese. There is speculation the 40-year-old Mao Xinyu weighs over 200 pounds.

Last year Mao was promoted to Major General -- the youngest ever -- and has a PhD in military studies, where he mostly studied his famous grandfather.

And his other claim to fame is appearing frequently on television to give comments, but doesn't seem all that intellectual. In this interview he was rambling for two minutes:

"[About] unlicensed teachers... I want to say... well, my secretary showed me. I want to, well, extend the topic... About unlicensed teachers... I want to... Here... well... well... I want to... just... just not that I want to dodge or what... I want to stress this... Which is to day nowadays those unlicensed teachers... Now our country's this... Speaking of this tea... teaching rank, I think, there is a very important part... called private teachers. Just called private teacher... this, how to say, I've considered... observed for long this private teacher thing."

It took him about 30 seconds to speak an utterly incomprehensible and incomplete sentence. And viewers were hanging on his words, trying to understand what he was saying.

"Private teacher... how to say.. they even... a private teacher from... well, I think... technically speaking, they are not a teacher formally certified by the country. They are... that is to say... they are also, as a private teacher... their... of course, their teaching quality, their calibre is surely not as good as this... this formal normal college kind of thing," he continued.

Then he finally added: "This problem has indeed become a big problem of the education part. This is to say, first, this is to say... In the future, I... I... I mean me... the problem of education, I truly hope that many of this... I hope a large number of, well, private teachers can, through their... effort, their own effort, painstaking study... Um... can improve their own level".

Perhaps Mao's thought is too complicated for him to express?

If only his grandpa could hear him now...

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