Friday, 4 March 2011

Trying to Preempt Again

With the 兩會 or two sessions starting tomorrow in Beijing, the government is extremely nervous about any kind of "jasmine revolution" happening near Tiananmen Square this weekend.

So much so that it has hauled in foreign journalists for off-the-record talks on how they are not to go to Wangfujing and do any reporting there without any permission beforehand. While some have tried to apply for permission this week, none have been approved to do any reporting this weekend.


And on top of that Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu insists the rules on foreign journalists reporting in the country has not changed but that the police had the authority to designate which areas were off limits and this could change at any time.

The government seems to have the view that these "jasmine revolutions" are an idea imported into China and that it is those foreign devils -- the foreign journalists -- who are to blame for inciting them.


We'll have to see what happens this weekend, if people do come out in droves to Wangfujing and other main public areas in other Chinese cities. Maybe there's a big sale on in Wangfujing?

As I said before the protesters need to create a more sophisticated messaging system that will be undetected by the government.

If the Falun Gong did it in 1999, showing up en masse in front of Zhongnanhai without Facebook and Twitter, surely people today can figure out a more covert method...

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  1. so much for freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the chinese constitution.