Thursday, 28 April 2011

Graffiti Protest Continues

The graffiti artists are still at it -- they continue to spray paint images of Ai Weiwei in Hong Kong and now it's spread to Tsuen Wan.
Now the cartoon-like images that also included Chairman Mao came with the slogan "You cannot stop me from telling the truth".

Featuring some 30 images, the graffiti in support of Ai have been happening since April 11 and found in Central, Sheung Wan and now Tsuen Wan.
What's most amusing is that the Hong Kong police have diverted their investigators from cases involving serious crimes like rapes and murders to track down mischievous human rights activists who have committed the illegal offense of defacing public property.

Tang Siu-wa of Art Citizen, a group that led a protest by Hong Kong artists in support of Ai this past Sunday, said the latest graffiti was a message expressing disapproval over the police investigation.

"This was not a rational decision by the police in deploying its regional crime unit to investigate Ai Weiwei drawings. Suppression can only lead to more paintings," Tang said.

Surely police resources could be better used to fight other injustices and lawbreakers than a bunch of people spray painting images around town?

Perhaps the infractions will continue until Ai is released. In that case maybe Hong Kong should press Ai's illegal detainment to Beijing so that the graffiti will stop?

If only Ai knew this was happening. He would probably be amused by it.

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  1. like the wild fire in a grassland it will spread.