Monday, 16 May 2011

Temporary Relief

Yesterday was the first time any of Ai Weiwei's family were able to see him in person after over a month in detention.
The 53-year-old artist's wife Lu Qing was allowed to see him in an undisclosed location for a short period of time. He apparently looked healthy as he suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.
According to Associated Press, Ai's sister Gao Ye said: "They weren't allowed to talk about much. They sat across a table from each other," she said. "Lu Qing didn't check the exact time, but it was a very short visit. ... It seems he's being taken care of, taking medicine on time and is able to move around. But other topics were off limits."
Despite the visit, Ai's family still has not received formal notice on the arrest or even confirmed that he was in custody.
"Now that we've seen that his health is OK, of course we are a bit less anxious, but that's not to say we want him to stay where he is," Gao said. "We really want his case to be dealt with as soon as possible and for the government to follow proper procedures in keeping with Chinese law."
Ai also told his wife he was not mistreated or tortured.
We are all obviously relieved too to find Ai is alive and well. But not only have the authorities missed the deadline of officially letting his family know of his detainment, but also the 30 days for prosecutors to prove arrest.
Can the government please explain why it is still illegally detaining him or else release the man?
China claims it follows the rule of law... then why doesn't it follow its own rules?

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  1. it is called the law of double standard.