Friday, 20 May 2011

Where's HK's Athletic Talent?

Poster advertising the 3rd Hong Kong Games

Did you know Hong Kong has its own quasi Olympic games?

The 3rd Hong Kong Games is on -- actually it started last Saturday and goes until June 5 around the city, with the 18 districts competing amongst themselves. And who are the athletes? Hong Kong residents themselves.

HKG was started in 2007 and held biennially, was probably established to follow China's commitment of promoting sport in the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games.

There are eight competitions to choose from: athletics, badminton, basketball, futsal (a variant of football or soccer that's played indoors), swimming, table tennis and volleyball.

Throughout the games, the district with the highest total number of points from the eight competitions will be awarded "overall champion", then first and second runner-up. And -- there are two new awards added this year -- "District with the Most Gold Medals" and "District with the Best Progress". Awwww... how thoughtful.

But if you go on the website, today is Day 7 and on the right side is the chart of all the districts and none of them have received any first, second or third place finishes in any of the eight events.

Is no one taking part or we're still in the early stages? There hasn't been much hype about it in the Hong Kong media, so if it's the former, so much for its slogan of "Sport for All"...

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