Sunday, 19 June 2011

Furious Back-Peddling

The other day I blogged about a report released by the People's Bank of China that said some 18,000 corrupt officials left the country with some 800 billion RMB ($125 billion).

It's a pretty shocking statistic but even more surprising the central bank posted what was meant to be an internal document on its website for the entire world to see.

But in a small brief article in the paper on Saturday, the PBOC is now saying the report is "inaccurate" and shouldn't be regarded seriously.

It's a pathetic attempt to tone down something that has some grave implications and so far the report has spread like wildfire across Chinese cyberspace.

No doubt it's more fuel to incite people's anger at corrupt officials and how they ingratiate themselves instead of serving the people.

Whoever authorized posting the report on the PBOC website in the first place is in big trouble now...

1 comment:

  1. completely disgusting for a socialist/communist country to have so many corrupted officials overseas. they bought up lots of real estates here and elsewhere in the world. what a shame. back to the old chinese nationalist era when corruption was the norm of the day. and the communists were supposed to wipe them out. what an irony.