Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Life for a Life

On Tuesday a 21-year-old university student who hit a young mother with his car and then stabbed her to death to avoid paying compensation was executed in Xian, Shaanxi Province.

His horrific crime and even more outrageous motives enraged people in China, making them again question how the next generation are supposed to lead the country with their lack of morals and the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

Yao Jiaxin was a well-off undergraduate at the Xian Conservatory of Music and was sentenced to death on April 22 for murdering waitress Zhang Miao, 26, in a hit-and-run accident in October.

In a TV interview in November, Yao tried to justify his actions by saying he stabbed Zhang because she was trying to write down his car's license plate number and he feared "it would be particularly hard to get along with rural people" if he was caught. He also said he feared that the woman would harass his family for compensation.

During the trial, Yao's lawyer argued the killing was due to intense emotion and fear, while the prosecutor said the defendant was simply trying to evade responsibility for his action by stabbing her in the chest, abdomen and back several times until she died.

Medical experts confirmed the victim suffered a fracture in her left leg and a concussion as a result of the car accident, but died because of massive bleeding caused by a severed artery near her heart.

In the verdict the court said, "Yao Jiaxin murdered the woman to prevent divulgence of the hit-and-run accident; it can't be attributed to 'intense emotion' ... Yao's motive was extremely despicable, the measures extremely cruel and the consequences extremely serious."

The incident happened only four days after Li Qiming hit and killed a student and sped away saying, "My father is Li Gang!" in a bid to avoid punishment.

Yao's father offered 200,000RMB ($30,862) in compensation to Zhang's family, but the court ordered him to pay just 45,000RMB; however the family refused all money.

These cases are a growing concern for China's society -- it's also more evidence of the negative effects rapid economic development has on the country.

There is a lack of understanding that when you own and drive a car, you are responsible for your actions on the road. Yao's petty defense shows how little he cares for anyone other than himself and his belief that some lives are worth more than others.

How could someone be brought up to think this way? It is shocking and inhumane.

It is no wonder he was executed, though it will never bring back Zhang, her hopes and dreams.

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  1. the lack of moral guidelines in china is shocking and grave.