Saturday, 11 June 2011

Picture of the Day: Mona Lisa on Toast

A toasted Mona Lisa with gelato in hand
There's a relatively new shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui east called K11 that also houses the Hyatt Regency which closed down from its original space on Nathan Road.

Anyway K11 markets itself as "The world's first art mall" that supports local artists and gives them space to show their work within a theme. For the month of June it's "There's No Place Like Home" and young artists were encouraged to reuse waste paper to create art. Some created colourful 3-D pieces of flowers or miniature rooms out of paper, others silk screened floral designs on paper.

There is also some dedicated exhibition space and currently on show is "East Africa: Joy on the Red Soil". Last year the mall invited three local artists to go there to explore the environment and meet the people there and then come back and present their version of what they experienced. One shot brightly-coloured photographs of the people; one created a soundscape that included speakers on the floor with dirt I'm assuming was from Africa; another did performance art that was shown earlier in the mall.

It's really interesting to see a place making money through consumerism but also trying to be a community platform to help artists interact with the public. The only drawback is that the mall is a long narrow oval shape so the space there isn't large enough to be a good public area, like The Village in Beijing's Sanlitun. Nevertheless, it's an effort worth recognizing.

And at the entrance of the mall is a curious piece of art -- Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa -- made from toast.

Today the temperature was 32 degrees and relative humidity up to 85 percent so she seems to know how to beat the heat by holding a gelato. Any guesses on the flavour?

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  1. something is better than nothing. any new thinking good or bad does not matter so long let the young people express themselves.