Monday, 6 June 2011

Picture of the Day: Rising Hopes for Change

A balloon spotted a month ago calling for people to stand up

Here's a picture of giant balloon that says "Communist Party Step Down, People Arise" that was spotted above Longquanyi district, in the Chengdu Hakka tourist town of Luodai on May 14.
Hundreds of police came, took pictures of it and then it took them an hour to shoot it down.
Meanwhile leaflets were scattered at Sichuan Normal University which is near where the balloon was on June 3.
This is a rough translation of what it said:
Communist Party Step Down, People Stand Up
Twenty-two years ago on June 4 was the day they raped the people and gave the Communist Party a climax that has lasted 8,030 days. in this year of the 90th anniversary of that devil coming into the world, let us use a devil's magic mirror to show the masses what it really is.
Think of it as a birthday present.
The Chinese Communist Party -- a cruel, tyrannical government! It has used political campaigns to purge and slaughter untold numbers of people.
The Chinese Communist Party -- it deceives everyone! It forges and alters history, it keeps the truth secret.
The Chinese Communist Party -- a criminal who fears being exposed! A list of crimes piled high reaching the heavens, it bans free speech, shuts down websites and bans books.
The Chinese Communist Party -- an incompetent ruler! The so-called overturning of heaven and earth really means polluting the heavens and destroying the earth.
- Murders people in the name of revolution
- Divides the loot in the name of the revolution
- Shuts people up in the name of harmony
Only if the Communist Party steps down will the people be able to stand up.
Bring down the Communist Party, rebuild a new China.
Abandon your illusions, be silent no longer.
We are not afraid.
They are afraid.
They can put Zhao Ziyang under house arrest. They can imprison Liu Xiaobo and detain Ai Weiwei. But they need to eat and drink. They need clothing and housing. If they arrest us, who will provide for them?
Arise, you people who will not be slaves, lift up your voices and you will see hope.
Your fate is in your hands!

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