Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Singing Sensations

All the talent lined up... with the winner Mark Tjhung at the far right

Tonight after dinner I dropped by at Salon de Ning, a bar at the Peninsula where it hosted its first open mic night with Time Out Hong Kong, daring people to come up and sing with a live band.

Each contestant could perform two songs and then the audience picked the winner at the end.

By the time I arrived just after 9pm the place was jammed packed, as the first three singers had already sung.

It was pretty neat to see people getting into the event, singing along with the contestants, even twirling around on the dance floor, all in support of their friends or just having a good time.

During the short intermission, the house music went on and many people were dancing, which was reminiscent of when I used to go to JJ's at the Grand Hyatt. It closed down many years ago, which made me realize how much a classy club is sorely needed in the city.

Salon de Ning is an intimate space, low ceilings and interesting Art Deco decor with a parlour-like feel with over-sized couches and chairs, rugs and pictures of Josephine Baker on the walls.

One favourite was Johannes Pong, the nightlife columnist for HK Magazine who did his own rendition of Paparazzi and Lady Gaga's Bad Romance complete with claws.

After nine singers, the winner was Time Out's own Mark Tjhung who sang and played the piano. Pretty impressive.

There were lots of hoops and hollers, whistling and clapping -- all on a Wednesday night.

Just shows there's lots of stuff going on in Hong Kong and all you have to do is check it out.

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  1. just like live karaoke without the word prompting.