Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wen Jiabao's Basketball Prowess

Last week Premier Wen Jiabao was photographed played basketball with some kids in a school.

He was fitted out in an assortment of athletic gear -- he may want to rethink the sleeveless shirt -- and was seen dribbling with his left hand. Hmmmm is he a closet leftie? He and US President Barack Obama have something in common...

What was also interesting is that most of the school kids seemed to be on the overweight side... Wen obviously visited a more prestigious school...

The class was led by teacher Zhang Tao and Wen learned how to dribble and control the ball.

There are many shots of Wen doing a lay-up and making the hoop -- note the hoops aren't that high...

Then Wen said he was "very happy" to join the students, and added that building a strong and healthy body would help them in their studies.

"Only when children are healthy, can the country have a good future. We must keep a healthy body in order to better serve the people," he said.

Perhaps he should suggest less junk food in schools for starters?

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  1. do you notice the panting after the game? but other than that it is no bad for an old man of his age.