Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Next Chapter

No sooner had I written my post about Lai Changxing losing his bid to gain refugee status in Canada and he was whisked onto a plane and flown back to Beijing.

He arrived this afternoon Hong Kong time and the television footage showed him in handcuffs and manhandled by two security officers, each firmly holding one of Lai's arms with gloves as they walked down the stairs from the plane.

They were obviously taking no chances.

Gone was the flashy smile and Lai was read his rights, issued lawyers and he had to sign a warrant issued for his arrest.

The upcoming trial should be an interesting inside look into how this former farmer from Xiamen managed to implicate many senior officials in order to help him earn billions of renminbi from smuggling.

Apparently Lai had a "red mansion" complete with massage tables where he tempted officials with beautiful women and bribed them.

Some of these corrupt officials have already been convicted and were either executed or imprisoned for life.

But with this trial, Lai will surely expose more names which could leave some planning their escape routes now...

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  1. canada has shelled out over $ 10 million legal fees to protect this criminal for the the sake of protecting an individual right. what a waste.