Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Other Facets of New York

One more posting on New York before I go back to blogging about Hong Kong and China.

Here are a few quirky pictures of the Big Apple:
Street vendors sell old school signs with witty comments
A horse stands by across from the Al Hirschfeld Theater
A painting by Joseph Kosuth Titled (Art as Idea as Idea) The Word "Definition" at MOMA
A Tiffany blue typewriter at the Tiffany flagship store
Nests with birds in them on the ledges of some pricy real estate
Artists from writers to singers and composers are commemorated on the subway wall near Carnegie Hall
A bicycle wrapped in colourful stitches in Brooklyn
A skunk and banana playing tunes in the subway station

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  1. nice little bits and pieces of a vibrant and famous city.lots of variety ,lots to see, lots of culture.