Sunday, 18 September 2011

Picture of the Day: Southorn Playground

The area is nestled in between skyscrapers
The other day I was early for a dinner on Queen's Road East towards Happy Valley and happened to be near Southorn Playground. At first I thought I'd pass through the place and arrive at the restaurant extra early.

I had never actually been through the playground before, and saw many people sitting in the stands either watching the action on the playground -- people either kicking a ball around or playing basketball -- or reading the paper or chatting with friends.

So I decided to pass the time sitting on the benches there as well reading the paper. It made me realize what a great public space it was, because it also acted as a convenient thoroughfare for people to get from between Hennessy Road and Johnston Road.

People could freely use the space as they pleased for sports-related activities or set up market stalls during festivals.

The area is named after Sir Wilfrid Thomas Southorn who was Colonial Secretary, the second-highest position of the Hong Kong government who was in office from 1925-1936.

A good public space for people to use all hours of the day
Apparently a long time ago the space was a place for coolies to gather in the early morning before their work day and then by evening it turned into an entertainment area with Chinese magic and kung fu performances as well as street food.

It's a nice place to hang out and rest your feet for a while as you watch the world go by.

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  1. hong kong needs more of such open spaces/parks for the betterment of health both physical and mental.